Kickr Endurance Resistance Attachment

The Kickr Endurance is a modification made from the Wahoo Kickr Core bike trainer. We make the base at our shop and add the necessary components from Wahoo to make a complete resistance attachment for our Classic Roller.

It can be added to any existing classic roller.


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The Kickr Endurance functions with Bluetooth or ANT+ connectivity to your choice of application, ex. Wahoo Fitness, Zwift, etc.

When setting up your app of choice, enter 4.092m as your wheel circumference. With this measurement and the modifications made to the Kickr, you will have a fairly close approximation of real speed in the app.

Things to consider: we don’t control the connectivity with the app or how the Kickr functions within the app settings. Therefore we are limited in what support we can offer for troubleshooting. We simply made a base and modification to provide a resistance option. You can add resistance and play with the app to feel more ready to hit the track or road after spending the winter on rollers. That being said, it’s not flawless. It was designed to work with bikes, not race chairs! The readings can seem off, and sometimes it’s a bit finicky.

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