Flex Gloves Révolution

3D printed racing gloves made with flexible rubber material.
The flex in our gloves is a real game changer! Flex allows feeling the pushrim easier through the fingers and thumb of the glove, and feeling power transfer through the palm of your hand. Starts are a breeze being able to squeeze your pushrims. Injury prevention is huge in wheelchair racing! The flex in our gloves absorbs the stress that is normally transferred to your wrist with other hard gloves.
Is pushing in the rain a stress for you? Not anymore! The flex and defined, yet forgiving groove in our glove grabs the pushrim and pushes well wet and dry.
Gloves come as shown in main photo. Uncovered with a recess printed into the glove to receive rubber directly, or fabric AND foam.


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Sizing: You are responsible for choosing your size! Please follow these instructions closely.

We base our sizing off the 100% glove print. Those two measurements are: 21cm for the MCP joints and 11.5cm for the PIP joints.

NOTE: We are not all made the same! You can order different percentages for Right and Left… make sure you measure both hands!

Here’s how to calculate your percentage.

1) MCP JOINTS (100/21)*(X)=???
Example: If your measurement (X) is 19cm at the MCP joint, your calculation is:
(100/21)*19= 90.476…
We will always recommend to round up to the closest whole percent, in this case 91%.


2) PIP JOINTS (100/11.5)*(X)=???

Example: If your measurement (X) is 9.5cm at the PIP joint, your calculation is:
We will always recommend to round up to the closest whole percent, in this case 83%.

Now that you have your two percentages, you need to pick the size for your glove. We would recommend choosing the higher percentage of the two measurements, but ultimately the decision is yours.
If you’re feeling unsure about any of these measurements or choices, please let us know! We are happy to help out..

*Click on pictures to enlarge.


We will accept back and exchange gloves that don’t fit properly, provided they have NOT been used. The gloves must not be scuffed, marked, scratched, glued, covered, etc. Please first try your gloves on and decide on fit WITHOUT trying them on your pushrims.
Exchanges are only accepted for improper fit, not for gloves that don’t work for your pushing style. Also please keep in mind that adjusting to a change in gloves can take a bit of time. It’s rare that any athlete makes a big change and loves it the first training session! Give it some time! Shipping cost back and forth for exchanges will be at YOUR cost, so double check your measurements!

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