Are you tired of trying to deal with sticky messy tubs of Klister? Do they leak all over your belongings? Can’t get the lid back on? We have a solution with our tubes! The tubes are tough enough to last until you use up the product, and are a lot less messy than tubs. They pack easily in your training bag, and travel nicely too. Our Klister is formulated and sold in two types:
  • Our warm weather Klister is a thick consistency that works in well in temperatures of 18 degrees C (64 degrees F) and up. On bright sunny days where other types of Klister can become greasy, it holds it’s stability and provides a long lasting grip. Messy (like all Klister) but cleans up easily.
  • Our cold weather Klister is a lighter, long lasting version of our warm weather Klister. It works well up to 20 degrees C (68 degrees F) A great option for those overcast days. It’s lighter consistency allows for easy dispensing even on chilly days, like fall marathon mornings!


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  • 60ml Tube
  • Tacky in the rain, but also great for the everyday Klister user
  • Plastic tube will not crack
  • Oversize screw on cap allows for easier opening
  • Designed for racers, BY racers

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