Harness Day Gloves

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Harness Palm Gloves Black
The palm gloves feature a unique fingerless, thumb loop design that makes them easy to put on and to take off and adjustable wrist straps that are comfortable and easy to use.

Harness Palm Gloves Red
Same as black rubber palm gloves except push surfaces are non-marking, red, 100% latex rubber. A little less grip but just as long wearing as the black rubber. Individuals with latex allergies should either avoid direct skin contact with the push surfaces or choose black rubber (which is about 10% latex).

Special note about day glove sizing for men: Do not buy a size medium. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a quad or not or if you’ve bought mediums or smalls in another glove style before. You won’t be able to get your thumb knuckle through the loop on a medium so get a size large or extra large instead.

Harness Quad Cuffs Black
The rubber push surfaces are made of the same rubber compound that we use on our racing gloves so you know it will be tough and grip your ring well and we double stitch these throughout for durability.


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Racing Gloves
Palm Girth1
Racing Gloves
Day Gloves
Thumb Girth3
inches cm inches cm inches cm
X-Small 6 15 7 18
Small 7 18 7 18
Medium 8 20 19 6
Large 9 23 22 7
X-Large 10 25 9 23 3 8


1Racing Gloves and Day Gloves
(if you want to) measure your palm girth like this:




2Racing Gloves measure length from the bend in your wrist to the tip of your longest finger.

For gloves with tabs, your length can be up to 1″ (2.5 cm) shorter than shown and still be okay.

3Day Gloves (only) measure your thumb knuckle girth like this:



*Click on pictures to enlarge .

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