Throwing Chair “LAUNCH”

Our fixed frame throwing chair, which is appropriately named “Launch”, is a sturdy chair built with as much attention to detail as robustness. We have worked closely with coaches and athletes while designing the “Launch”.


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  • Removable inserts in the four feet of the chair allow for height adjustment to accommodate the addition of a cushion
  • Foot hook bars and footrests are interchangeable on all four side and height adjustable
  • Vertical holding bar’s steel construction reduces flex and can be installed left handed or right handed
  • One foot hook bar included in base price, additional foot hook bar can be added also
  • Included foot hook can be upgraded to a foot rest, additional foot rest can be added also
  • Strap Loops can be added to accommodate the addition of straps
  • Standard seat size is 50cm x 50cm
  • Specify the vertical pole length you would like

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