Throwing Chair “LAUNCH ELITE”

The Launch Elite is a fixed frame throwing chair for the athlete that knows their fit! This chair is fully customizable to your specifications. Order here and we will be in touch to chat about your specific needs and ideas and we will design a chair with you.


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You might ask what we can customize on the Launch Elite? Everything! Let us know your specific needs and we will design the chair with you!

The seat of the Launch Elite is made from durable, stress relieved, UV stable, ¾” thick HDPE plastic with smooth, rounded edges. It will not delaminate, splinter or crack.

Sturdy ‘X’ cross-brace under the seat to make the chair robust while allowing room to tuck legs inside the frame, if desired. The ‘X’ also provides a great place to attach tie-downs.

Solid 8” wheels ease maneuverability from storage to training to competition.

The vertical pole is removable for ease of transport.

Feeling fancy and want a wicked custom color? Let’s talk!

Here is a short list of what we can customize:

  • Seat Size
  • Seat to floor height
  • Type of footrest
  • Pole position, grip size and placement in relation to the chair
  • Placement of holes for attaching straps
  • Custom colour – durable powder coat paint (Pricing depends on color choice)
  • Any other customs you may want to add!

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